'Spike had the skills to find a solution at the right price.'

Chris Ash. AshInvest

Ethereum token contract engine.

Funfair.io required a partner to produce a application to run on an Ethereum token. Spike.software were the only to guarantee availability of Solidity programming language.

Working with the hi-tech sector is great for Spike as we feel that as well as bringing our knowledge to the table we learn so much by collaborating with other highly gifted individuals. In this project Spike learned so much about the blockchain technology that runs alongside the internet and guarantees so much of the things we take for granted today.

Remote client delivery system.

A large part of Spike's work is developing APIs that connect existing software applications to other existing software applications. An API is the middle ware that talks to both whatever programming languages they use.

This project required a knowledge of the Amazon Cloud servers (AWS). with the ability to grow in size alongside the applications usage, the Amazon Cloud is the world's most popular server resource and provides exactly the right amount of server space to efficiently provide end to end provision of services. So if the application is busy at 4pm then the server can support this weight making sure that customers are dealt with and everyone is happy.

Back office promotion system.

We chose the Node JS language to create an application for ASD because we thought that the unique abilities of the language made it to one to choose to deliver performance and quality to the client.

Marketing your product in the field is getting more and more competitive every day, the fine margins between winning and losing, getting paid and going broke are reducing everyday. ASD have a technique of promotion that demanded real time updates of every aspect and detail so they can move faster and more efficiently than their competitors. This highly successful company turned to Spike to deliver their application because in our field we have the abilities and knowledge combined with reliability to give them the edge.

Multi client input and results system.

Spike.software is developing a application monitoring system. The client has a game changing marketing system that will enable them to deliver their applications to the customer in a more attractive and efficient way. They chose Spike.software because we met them on price and understanding.